Pooches Can Be Picky Pets: When Your Dog Is a Picky Eater

Are parents to blame for their children's bad attitudes? To be more specific, are you to blame when your four-legged canine children have a picky attitude when it comes to their food? You might be, but it's not something you've done deliberately, and this is certainly an attitude that can be corrected. Why are some dogs picky eaters in the first place?

From Your Table to Their Mouth

Your dog might have become accustomed to a diet that is simply too much of a contrast. If they're regularly fed treats and table scraps along with the odd human food snack here and there, it might be that their own food fails to hold their interest in comparison. When they have become used to delicious treats from your plate, their own bowl of pet food might not cut the mustard. If you are in the habit of feeding your dog from your plate or giving them sneaky snacks from the kitchen, it's time to phase out this habit as this can be contributing your dog's indifference to their own food.


By cutting out these snacks and treats, you're teaching your dog that their own bowl of food is all they're going to get. It's not as though you're starving them into submission (far from it), but as they learn that their bowl of food is all that's on offer, then it will likely become far more appealing. If your dog is still going to receive treats, make sure they're treats designed specifically for dogs. Treats are no longer treats if they form a regular part of your dog's diet, so only offer a treat to reinforce good behaviour.

Mix It Up

The occasional treat is fine and also permits some variety of the food your dog consumes. Some dogs are picky eaters because they might not particularly like their primary brand of pet food. Mix it up a little. Combine dry food with canned dog food, occasionally adding raw pet mince and cooked vegetables. You might even wish to invest in a premium brand of commercial pet food, which is going to meet your dog's nutritional needs while still appealing to their taste buds. 

Of course, there's a difference between a dog who is a picky eater, and one that refuses to eat their food. The latter can indicate a health problem, so please see your vet immediately. But when it's simply your dog's attitude that has made them picky, it only requires a small amount of effort to transition your dog to being a healthy and undemanding eater.

Look for different pet foods that your pet can try.