4 Ways Grooming Helps Keep Your Dog Healthy

If you groom your dog regularly, then you don't just make it look neat and well-kept. Grooming also has some health benefits. What are they?

1. Reduce Matting Problems

If you don't groom a dog regularly, then its coat may get tangled and matted up. The longer you leave this, the harder it is to brush or comb the coat.

Mats may not seem harmful, but they can cause dogs some problems. They can irritate the skin. They can also hide some nasty stuff like dirt, fleas, mites and ticks.

A regular groom keeps matting at bay. Your dog's coat won't cause any of these problems if it is loose and free-flowing.

2. Spot Hidden Health Issues

Dogs don't always make it obvious when they are sick or have a health issue. However, sometimes, there are visible signs under their coats that all isn't well.

For example, you might not notice a skin irritation or infection if your dog isn't showing any signs of discomfort or pain. Lumps and inflammation may not show through your pet's coat.

As you groom your dog, you'll run your hands over its body. It will let you know if you hit a tender or painful area; you can also feel for unusual lumps or growths. You can then take quick action to have the problem investigated.

3. Maintain Healthy Circulation

The action of grooming itself has some health benefits. For example, brushing your pet's coat can help keep its circulation in good order.

As you groom through your dog's coat, you also massage its skin. The brushing stimulates its circulation. This promotes healthy blood flow. While this is especially useful for older dogs or ones with circulatory problems, any dog can benefit from a grooming massage.

4. Boost Your Dog's Mental Health

Dogs aren't happy all of the time. If they don't feel in tip-top condition, then they may even be a little depressed.

For example, if your pet has unnoticed fleas, painful mats that pull at its skin, or a dirty coat that traps too much heat close to its body, then it won't be as happy as it should be. If you groom your pet regularly, you keep its coat and skin in a healthier state. This will help keep your dog happy.

Plus, many dogs love the attention and care you give them when you groom them. They get a real emotional boost from the one-on-one contact.

If you need help with grooming, then talk to dog grooming company.