4 Benefits of Using an After Hours Animal Care Service

Unfortunately, your pet could get sick at any time of the day or night. Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your pet got sick outside of normal office hours? If this occurs you may need to call your local after-hours animal care centre. Read on to discover some of the benefits of using this type of service. Immediate treatment No one likes to see their beloved pet in pain or discomfort. [Read More]

Tips You Should Know to Prepare Your Pet for Surgery

Like humans, pets may need to go under the knife, such as to be neutered or spayed. Others undergo different planned surgical processes like biopsies, lump removals, exploratory surgery or mass removals. Sometimes emergency surgeries can be performed to remove bladder stones or intestinal obstructions or to join lacerations. No matter the reason for booking an appointment with a vet surgeon, the thought of the procedure can create confusion and anxiety. [Read More]

4 Ways Grooming Helps Keep Your Dog Healthy

If you groom your dog regularly, then you don't just make it look neat and well-kept. Grooming also has some health benefits. What are they? 1. Reduce Matting Problems If you don't groom a dog regularly, then its coat may get tangled and matted up. The longer you leave this, the harder it is to brush or comb the coat. Mats may not seem harmful, but they can cause dogs some problems. [Read More]

The Undeniable Value Of Enlisting Puppy Vaccination Services

Adopting a pup is a great way to enhance the companionship in your home. If you have kids, growing up with a dog helps foster values such as confidence, self-esteem and social skills. Once you become a dog parent, you need to ensure that your pet is receiving the right care. And while some people may think this simply involves food and shelter, the reality is that preventative care in the form of vaccines is crucial to their wellbeing, too. [Read More]