While I encourage you to contact me regarding any questions, about anything in regards to the website, the designs I offer, or even to report a bad link or image. It is possible you will find the answers your seeking by checking out the FAQ page before sending your question to me, so be sure to check that page out. I update the FAQ page often with your most often asked questions and perhaps you can get your answer faster than waiting for an email from me, so be sure to check it often to check out new questions I may have added.

I'd like to ask that if you are writing concerning a problem with this website that you please tell me a few things:

  1. Your windows operating system.
  2. The browser your using and version.
  3. Type of dialup connection you have (56k, cable, dsl, ?).
  4. What you were doing or page you were visiting in the site when the problem occurred, please try to be as precise as possible.
All correspondence is answered in a timely manner. Most within 24 hours. I will make every attempt to help you with problems you encounter, but files will not be sent in email. They must be obtained at this website via the instant download features for freebees and purchased goods.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write.
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