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The window pane shirts provide a wonderful canvas for innovative designs. I have done a lot of them. For example; birds, cats, dogs, wildlife, flowers or a combination of designs. For instance I have done all cats with paw prints running up back over shoulder. I have also done cats or dogs with a paw prints in between each. They are a delight
You can see a window pane shirt here.

When you are using a riser for your sewing machine and you have a problem with shaking I have found that if you put a book in the middle it stabilizes
the machine while still allowing you to be able to get a garment in easier.

See a larger image
by clicking on image.

For Gifts for friends, one woman who is a zoo docent, ordered cardigan
sweatshirts each with a design of the recipients favorite zoo animal.
Always make sure you hav ea strong enough stabilizer for a stitch intensive design. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, for heavy nap fabric donít forget to try the water soluble stabilizers that you use on top to keep the thread on top of the nap instead of digging in.
Have fun and try some of the fancy threads, like the Glow in the dark and the sun sensitive ones. It is so much fun for kids to have a design all of a sudden to appear outdoors or to be able to go in a dark room and still be able to see them. For BIG KIDS TOO!!
If you use pre-wound bobbins it is a good idea to clean the machine more frequently as they seem to leave more lint in the machine which can clog it up. I learned that the hard way. Also, I have heard that you are better off storing them in an airtight container to prolong their life.
When thread gets caught in machine in place that may require taking it apart, I have been saved by having a variety of dental tools. they have been invaluable for getting out caught thread, etc. Even for taking out stitches by getting underneath them.

I had a hard time keeping a handle on supplies around the stitching area. For scissors, marking pencils and pens, etc. I got one of those lazy Susan's for kitchen utensils and it was a godsend. I just spin it around to find what I am looking for.

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