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All my life I have done needlecrafts, sewing, needlepoint, knitting, embroidery, petit point, etc. Years ago I was in business doing alterations for people. I found that I loved the start to finish and the fun thing that other crafts afforded me. Then about five years ago I saw an ad for the computerized embroidery program and machines. I fell in love immediately. Kind of like when I saw my children or grandchildren for the first time. I have a Pfaff 7570 which I think is a good work horse and I love it. The only problem is the size limitation. I have PCD from Pfaff, Stitch Bunny Pro (I work with a Macintosh pc), Flutter Whumper , Pre-Design and the Viking Pfaff Autodigitizing Program.

I have over the years mostly done projects for family and friends and am a design junkie. I love unusual funky designs, nature and animals, sports, and my husband Lou is a golf nut so I tend to lean toward doing golf designs but enjoy doing others also. I have just about every golf shirt he owns embroidered on either with design or a monogram. He has been very supportive of my addiction as long as he gets to play golf.

I particularly love Ann the Gran. Her website is wonderful to navigate and she has a wonderful array of designers that contribute. Also, Roberta, Denise, Dee, Ruth, Terradon etc. The Girls from South Africa do sensational work. All the digitizers and designers outdo themselves. I myself always look for animals, particularly cats (what a surprise), birds and wildlife.

I would love to continually improve in my digitizing and learn many new things. I want to be able to do a lot of unusual designs and fills. I hope that the embroiderers out there love the variety of the designs and continue to come back and visit.

Granddaughter Charlotte Lin, born 6/23/04

Other than being tied to the computer or sewing machine I would say that my interests lie in grandchildren (which take a lot of time) and reading. Although lately It seems I get through a book in a couple of months instead of a couple of days. We have seven children and eleven grandchildren from college age to one month. We also have a few people who are important to us and we consider adopted children or family. We have four cats, Spice, Cinnamon, Sugar and Cayenne. They are the children that haven't left home yet. I think they are here for the duration.

I always love it when I give a gift to someone and I continually see them wearing it. I love wearable art. I virtually have no projects for myself because I always end up giving them away. The most fun projects have been the windowpane shirts that I do in themes such as cat, bird, flower, and wildlife. I have sold them as custom orders.

I have been invited to participate in a environmental zoo convention in 2004 and will do all projects that have zoo animals on them.

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