Shipping & Returns

CD Returns

We are happy to ship your designs to you via cd or floppy disk.

The cost for this service will range from 2.00 to 5.00. CD's will automatically add a shipping fee to the cost of your purchases based on your zip code, but with a small handling fee to cover expenses.

If you should receive a bad cd, we will gladly replace it at no additional charge to you, after receiving it back from you in the mail. I am sorry, but I simply can not pay the shipping cost you will incur returning the cd, however, please feel free to send the cd via the slowest route possible. Most shipping on cds costs under 1.00 to ship depending on the type of envelope you use.

Embroidery Designs

Because of the nature of this business being related to selling embroidery designs, we do not give refunds, we will consider an exchange of your design only if the format in your zip turns out to be corrupt or something is significantly wrong with it. The exchange will only be of the same design, reconverted by us on our end and resent in email to you.


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