Two Mistakes People Make When They Sign Their Puppies Up to Behaviour Training Courses

Here are some mistakes some puppy-owners make after signing their young dogs up for puppy behaviour training courses. They don't consult their vet if their puppy's behaviour doesn't improve after a few classes After each puppy behaviour training class that a person attends with their pet, they should expect to see either a slight or significant improvement in their pet's behaviour (depending on how complex the techniques demonstrated in the class were and how intelligent and focused their puppy is). [Read More]

How To Choose A Vet

Choosing a vet for your pet can be a difficult task. It is especially so since you will want a person interested in creating a long term relationship. Read this guide for some tips on how to choose a vet.  Specialty Check the vet's specialty. For instance, some vets will deal with specific animals, while others will specialise in particular illnesses. Conduct some background research to ascertain the vet's experience. For instance, if your pet has a chronic illness such as cancer, interview some of the vet's clients to know the methodologies that the vet will use to manage the condition. [Read More]

What Kind of Grooming Does a Pet Rabbit Need?

Australian pet lovers might feel bad for Queenslanders since residents of the Sunshine State aren't legally able to keep rabbits as pets. Everyone else in the country can enjoy the company of the domestic rabbit, and a fair few people already do, with rabbits being amongst the most popular types of pets in the country. Rabbit owners must be familiar with the care that their pets require, with particular attention paid to their teeth since rabbits are susceptible to a variety of dental problems. [Read More]

Do You Have Your Doubts About Desexing Your Dog?

Many dog owners wouldn't even consider the possibility of not desexing their dog, but perhaps you're not one of them. There are so many benefits to desexing your dog, and the process is not only a smart idea for your dog, but for future dogs too. What are some things you should think about if you're hesitant to desex your precious pooch? A Legal Requirement It's important to note that any reluctance you might have to desex your dog can be overruled by legislation. [Read More]