3 Benefits Of Getting Your Pet Into A Puppy Training Program

Few things can beat the thrill of bringing your furry new friend home and introducing them to your family. However, living with pets is not always easy. If you have not trained yours, you might encounter issues like peeing on the rugs, aggression toward strangers, endless barking and other bad behaviour. However, a properly trained puppy trainer or vet can help coach your pet to listen to your instructions and improve your relationship with the animal. [Read More]

Red Flags of the Immediate Need to Enrol Your Dog in Puppy School

Introducing a new pet into your home can be exhilarating. In addition to providing endless hours of playtime, the child-like behaviour of the puppy is bound to flood your family with endorphins. But just like toddlers, puppies are learning new behaviours each day. And if you do not mould their demeanour right from the beginning, you could end up with a menace on your hands. Before you know it, you might start contemplating rehoming the puppy because you can no longer deal with their behaviour. [Read More]

Three Canine Winter Illnesses That Warrant A Vet Check Up

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and many pet owners know the benefits of attending annual appointments at the vet for vaccination shots and an overall check-up. But, outside of that yearly visit, how often does your dog need a veterinary check-up? With winter on its way, there are several colder weather ailments that require veterinary attention. Here are three common canine winter illnesses that you must make a vet appointment to discuss. [Read More]