Pooches Can Be Picky Pets: When Your Dog Is a Picky Eater

Are parents to blame for their children's bad attitudes? To be more specific, are you to blame when your four-legged canine children have a picky attitude when it comes to their food? You might be, but it's not something you've done deliberately, and this is certainly an attitude that can be corrected. Why are some dogs picky eaters in the first place? From Your Table to Their Mouth Your dog might have become accustomed to a diet that is simply too much of a contrast. [Read More]

Understanding Tooth Enamel Malformation In Dogs

In young dogs, tooth enamel that develops and strengthens normally will be smooth and provide uniform coverage of the teeth. However, some physical or environmental occurrences, such as blunt trauma to the mouth or certain illnesses, can interfere with the development of tooth enamel and cause malformation and pitting of the tooth surface. This can cause a young dog's teeth to appear discoloured and puts the dog at risk of developing a bacterial infection that can damage the tooth root or surrounding soft tissue and lead to tooth loss. [Read More]

Understanding Osteosarcoma In Dogs

Osteosarcoma is the most prevalent type of bone cancer found in dogs. It's an aggressive, tumour-forming cancer that can metastasise to surrounding organs and lymph nodes. Any breed of dog can develop this condition, but large breeds seem to be more susceptible to developing bone cancer than small breeds. It's not yet understood why some dogs develop osteosarcoma, and the condition has not been linked to genetics, age or gender. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach for osteosarcoma in dogs: [Read More]

Using an Ultrasound to Diagnose Your Cat

If you have been worried that your pet is always under the weather and may have a recurring problem that doesn't want to go away, then you may be exploring your options. You'll certainly want to work with an experienced vet and will need to get their recommendation before you do anything, but maybe you need to schedule an ultrasound. How could ultrasounds for pets help you get to the bottom of the problem? [Read More]