Understanding Gastrointestinal Stasis In Rabbits

Gastrointestinal stasis is a serious, potentially fatal condition that occurs when the digestive system slows down. Decreased gut motility leads to a build-up of bad bacteria in the intestines, which causes a rabbit's abdomen to become bloated. This often leads to the rabbit becoming dehydrated, as the bloating is painful and causes them to stop eating and drinking. Additionally, toxins released by the bacteria can overload the liver and lead to organ failure. [Read More]

What You Need to Know About Your Pets' Health

Just like your child's and family's health, your pet's health should be considered the same way. A pet plays a vital role in a family because he or she helps you and your family learn to care for each other and love. His or her health is, therefore, crucial and should be monitored. Here's what you need to know about caring for pets and the veterinarian's role: Lifespan The first thing you need to know about your pet is his or her lifespan. [Read More]

Pooches Can Be Picky Pets: When Your Dog Is a Picky Eater

Are parents to blame for their children's bad attitudes? To be more specific, are you to blame when your four-legged canine children have a picky attitude when it comes to their food? You might be, but it's not something you've done deliberately, and this is certainly an attitude that can be corrected. Why are some dogs picky eaters in the first place? From Your Table to Their Mouth Your dog might have become accustomed to a diet that is simply too much of a contrast. [Read More]

Understanding Tooth Enamel Malformation In Dogs

In young dogs, tooth enamel that develops and strengthens normally will be smooth and provide uniform coverage of the teeth. However, some physical or environmental occurrences, such as blunt trauma to the mouth or certain illnesses, can interfere with the development of tooth enamel and cause malformation and pitting of the tooth surface. This can cause a young dog's teeth to appear discoloured and puts the dog at risk of developing a bacterial infection that can damage the tooth root or surrounding soft tissue and lead to tooth loss. [Read More]